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"For 3 months, my father has suffered sores and skin tears"

With PURAP, the improvement in my father has been dramatic

"It arrived Saturday. We've used the PURAP for five nights, and the improvement in my father's sacral area has been dramatic. On Saturday, he had five areas of skin breakage. Today - Thursday - he has only two. Three areas have healed completely. And the two remaining open areas are less than 1/4 the size they were a few days ago. The remaining wounds are much shallower and not seeping at all. And - for the first time in almost three months - as these wounds have healed/improved, no new wounds have emerged. That, alone, feels miraculous to me."   

- J. Shops [Amazon verified customer review]

For the past three months, my father - who is incontinent and spends most of the day reclining in bed - has suffered from on-going pressure ulcers and skin tears on his sacral area. When we discovered the initial wound - a small, shallow tear - the medical advice we received was to turn him every two hours. We did this scrupulously as was demonstrated to us.

The result: after two days of turning, his initial wound grew and deepened and new skin breakage spots emerged on both sides of his buttocks. Lying at a tilt for even a couple of hours at a time created new pressure points that his skin couldn't tolerate. We were trapped in this painful, costly, frustrating cycle of pressure ulcers. As soon as one healed, two new ones would seem to pop up. Whatever solutions we were offered seemed to aggravate the situation as much as treat it.

It was in this exhausted state that I discovered this PURAP product. I was wary. I read the reviews with skepticism. I just didn't know whether we would get similar good results. The PURAP "felt" so expensive. I waited a week.

Then, I bit the bullet and ordered the PURAP."

PURAP uses patented fluid 3D flotation technology to prevent sores

Unlike gel and alternating air mattresses, PURAP uses patented fluid 3D flotation technology. Each layer responds differently under pressure. Together, the 3 layers dissipate pressure and eliminate pressure "hotspots" that cause pressure sores and pain.